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10/11 Susan Rushing returns! It's our maiden voyage on the Shark Network. Get your HOTT ASSTROLOGY report and the latest scoop on the poop with What The Hell News. Also, Judi Swan weighs in on my BIG GAY topic.

4/25 The Divine Ms. Margo - Ms. Margo is the daughter of a Chippewa elder. She is an amazing psychic medium and spirit healer. She is known all over the nation as The Bone Reader. Give a listen as we talk various psychic gifts and the development of them.

4/18 Cynthia Spicer - WOW! This girl is just a little bit magic! Cynthia is an incredible energy worker and rocks the manifestation world with her work with guides and angels. I first met Cynthia as a ghost hunter and we have cut our
teeth together in this work and world of spirituality. Cynthia and I both believe,
that spirituality is for real folk … and so we keep our faith and keep our sense of humor. You’re gonna dig her. Grab your beer cheese and a big glass of Coke for this one, I know that we will.

4/11 Bethanne Elion - Author of the book “Memoirs of a Bathtub Psychic”.
She is an animal communicator and an incredible psychic/medium. Bethanne also does essential oil readings, and believe me …they are amazing! Tune in as we talk about pets, oil and dead people. You know you love all of that stuff!

4/4 Don Simmons - Big Love in a very tall wrapper! Another one of my cosmic boyfriends comes on to chat! Don Simmons is a veritable Metaphysical dynamo. Join us as we talk about past lives, meditation, sound therapy and more.


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